Band Gap Tunability in Sb-alloyed BiVO4 Quaternary Oxides as Visible-Light Absorbers for Solar Fuel Applications

2015: Advanced Materials

Anna Loiudice, Jie Ma, Walter S. Drisdell, Tracy M. Mattox, Jason K. Cooper, Timothy Thao, Cinzia Giannini, Junko Yano, Lin‐Wang Wang, Ian D. Sharp, Raffaella Buonsanti*

The challenge of fine compositional tuning and microstructure control in complex oxides is overcome by developing a general two‐step synthetic approach. Antimony‐alloyed bismuth vanadate, which is identified as a novel light absorber for solar fuel applications, is prepared in a wide compositional range. The bandgap of this quaternary oxide linearly decreases with the Sb content, in agreement with first‐principles calculations.

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