Check back again for more past presentations as they are updated over the coming weeks.

2021: MRS Spring Meeting

The Optical Properties and Electronic Structure of CuBi2O4 and the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Photoexcited Plasmonic Gold Nanospheres for Applications in Light Driven Chemistry

2020: ACS Fall Meeting

Advancing Design and Discovery of p-type Cu3N and CuBi2O4 for Solar Fuels Production – JKCooper

2019: ACS Fall Meeting

The Optoelectronic Properties of Copper-Based P-type Semiconductor: Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach – Z. Zhang

2018: MRS Fall Meeting

Physical Origins of the Transient Absorption Spectra and Dynamics in Thin-Film Semiconductors – The Case of BiVO4 – J.K. Cooper

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